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that runs like a well-oiled machine.

Quality Assurance & Control

Our reputation rests on every product under our care. That’s why quality assurance and product control is of utmost importance to Chiaphua.

We have very strict quality control to make sure that our products meet its standards. There are numerous stages of checks and inspection ensuring that the end product is safe to use as soon as it reaches the end user.

We choose our suppliers carefully to ensure we have the best materials for value. We practice RTV (Return to Vendor) policy, so as to maximize our efficiency and output by saving time and cutting losses with defects.

Chiaphua also emphasizes on environmental protection and we do our utmost to recycle and reduce wastage. There are no hazardous substances in our products; we try to be as environmental friendly as possible by sourcing the right materials. In practice, we have obtained the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) status.

As part of our quality control procedure, we also collect end-user feedback and review. From the warranty claims of consumer, we research on our product if it is a factory problem and to improve in order to minimize warranty claims. Till date, our warranty claims which are factory production problem are as low as 1%.

When a possible supplier is identified, engineering evaluation, business evaluation and quality process evaluation are conducted. We partner with our suppliers to ensure our targets and demands are reached. We have emphasized heavily on:

- Detailed technical, business and quality input
- Process capability studies
- Quality Plans
- Failure history records
- Gauging and measuring capabilities

Upon meeting all requirements and passing evaluations, final supplier selection takes place. The Product Development Team will then work closely with our supplier to roll out the project. Our mass production commences when all parts are approved.

Our strict set of quality control system has always been an assurance to our clients to provide the products catering to their demand and specifications. We have our team to inspect and ensure our items are of top quality and delivered at the fastest speed without compromising on the specifications. Tested and proven method by our professionals goes through a series of inspection:

  1. Gates of quality
  2. Receiving/ Incoming inspection
  3. In-progress inspection
  4. Line quality assurance
  5. Final quality assurance
  6. ABR (Application based reliability) life test

In addition, we have to continuously improve ourselves in this ever changing fast paced market. We are making a constant effort to improve our operational capabilities by benchmarking with the best manufacturing practices within and outside the industry to secure our leadership in the field. We are continuously revising and looking for better ways to reduce waste and unnecessary wastage of time in our production process. Below are some of our practices and methods to always keep ourselves ahead.

- Waste reduction
- Cellular manufacturing
- Troubleshooting techniques
- Statistical process control
- Kan-Ban material control
- One-piece flow
- Visual management
- Continuous improvement program

In 2004, Chiaphua Industries Limited won the Quality Grand Award in the "Hong Kong Awards for Industry". In order to qualify for nomination by the Hong Kong Trade and Development Council (HKTDC), we were audited on 7 key categories, namely:

  1. Top management leadership and commitment
  2. Strategic planning
  3. Customer and market focus
  4. Information, analysis and knowledge management
  5. Resource management
  6. Process management
  7. Business results.