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Growth & development

Chiaphua continues to change, grow, learn, improve and evolve. Every venture, every product, is an opportunity to learn—to put the lesson to use.

Chiaphua's long history has given the company a firm foundation from which to build upon for continuing success today. Over the last 50 years, Chiaphua has been involved in the manufacture of an extensive range of industrial and consumer products, including computers, clocks, sea-freight containers, lighters, toys, silver-plated hollow ware, security and telecommunications equipment, oral and health care products, electrical appliances, motors, power tools, etc.

Chiaphua Industries is a highly respected multinational and has considerable international stature. It is recognized for its entrepreneurial spirit and its strong sense of integrity, garnering the respect and loyalty of world-class customers and partners.

As early as 1969, the company began establishing a network of companies overseas to respond to rapidly changing demands in external markets and to better serve customers. Commitment to excellence has also been achieved through working closely and harmoniously with Chinese and other overseas organizations in R&D, enabling Chiaphua to introduce new and exciting products to world markets.

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